Irish Pubs in Japan

Irish pubs in Japan

Irish Rugby Tours fully expect the multitudes of Irish fans travelling east to the Rugby World Cup to enjoy their time in a new land and dive head first into the rich and colourful culture of Japan. But we are aware that after such a long haul, there may be some who feel a slight twinge of heartache for home. For those who are easily struck down by homesickness, we have compiled a very short list of Irish pubs in Japan. In fact we have found you at least one Irish pub in each of the four pool match locations…and one for the final! #MonIrelan’

An Solas, Tokyo

Irish Rugby Tours recommends An Solas - Irish Pubs in Japan

Seeing the light in An Solas

Ok, so we know Ireland don’t have a game here…yet. But whatever happens you’d be an eejit not to visit Tokyo while in Japan and it’s for that reason this Irish pub in Japan makes the cut.

This little corner of Tokyo is about as close as you’ll get to Tubbercurry in Japan. Guinness on tap, daysent grub – soda bread and cider included, Irish staff and a trad group replete with both rams and banjos. It’s in the old part of town too, so after you’ve got your taste of home you can get back out there and do what you’re there for – experiencing Japan! Paddy Maloney’s favorite Irish pub in Tokyo.


The Green Sheep, Yokohama

Irish Pubs in Japan

Apart from being a great BAA (sorry), the great advantage of this spot is that it’s a straight run on the Blue Line to the stadium. They also do food and they have an outside seating area. It’s spacious and the staff all speak pretty good English. If you are a nervous traveller this is exactly the spot to go to before the game against Scotland kicks off. It’s easy.

A Boy Named Tsu – the owner told us he only knew ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ and ‘I’ll tell Me Ma’

Giggle, Shizuoka 

Irish Pubs in Japan

A Boy named Tsu

Of all the Irish pubs in Japan on our list this is probably our favourite. Giggle is run by a boy named Tsu who plays banjo and loves Irish music. He runs trad sessions here every week and can probably tell what Shane McGowan had for breakfast. We once asked him if he knew the famous Johnny Cash song ‘A Boy Named Sue’,  and he told us he only knew ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ and ‘I’ll tell Me Ma’. He is a bona-fide legend and deserves honorary Irish citizenship.

During happy hour they have pints of Carlsberg on tap for 700¥ (that’s about €5.60) but it’s probably as good as it gets. Japan is not cheap. Tsu is however worth is weight in gold…out the end of a rainbow of course.


Avery, Kobe

Kobe is famous for its beef. Apparently, it comes from cows who are given the finest grass and early morning massages. If  you are staying on after the first two games, this might be the perfect place to give your ego a little gentle massaging too. As well as the beers and stouts you’d expect, Avery’s does a decent line in craft beers. It’s small and poky but that just makes it all the more cosy. After all the mania, you can expect the Irish contingent here to be a little less raucous. This would be the perfect spot for a few quieter pints. Find out how to get there here.


The Hakata Harp, Fukuoka

Irish Rugby Tours recommends Hakata Harp - Irish Pubs in Japan

It has a haka and harp. What’s not to like?

 It’s got a haka and a harp so this has to be a rugby pub! In fact a quick look at its website gives the impression that it’s endorsed by the Irish government. We are not sure it is but they sure have a comprehensive food menu fit for Toaisigh!