It’s Not Just Castles & The River Danube

Rugby Tours To Hungary

Rugby Tours To Hungary is another new destination for Irish Rugby Tours.

Just like Ireland, this beautiful country is covered in green and very well looked after as you will find out on your tour here.

Rugby is a minor sport but a growing one and growing every day at that with around 20 clubs and over 2000 players playing.

Rugby was founded in 1968 by a group of Italians believe it or not but true.

Getting to one city from another is easy with a very good road system in place.

A lot of the locals speak English so you wouldn’t have trouble there. Hungary does have it’s own currency, the Forint as you will see it will be on price tags HUF.

Hungary is now a more modern county and is being visited by nationalities from around the world.

It has a lot to offer it’s guests like any other country and is worthwhile visiting.


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