Rugby Tours to France

Vive La France

Rugby Tours to France. France the sleeping superpower of world rugby.

Visit Stade de France which has seen some of the most iconic events of the 6 Nations.

This includes a remarkable hat-tick of tries in the 2000 Six Nations by a young Brian O’Driscoll.

Experience a Top 14 game where international stars ply their trade with Racing, Castres, Toulon, Stade Francais and Toulouse.

For downtime away from Rugby, France is one of the top tourist destinations in the world  with iconic sites. Like the Eifel Tower, Notre Dame and the Bayeux Tapestry you will have more than your fair share of culture.

For those who might not be interested in that, there is always one other attraction.

Can you guess it? It is run by a mouse with the big ears – Euro Disney!

France is noted for it’s high fashion and in Paris you will find all the top brands, time to take a second mortgage.

In the big hyper markets you will be spoilt for choice. Everything you need all under one roof.

Wine drinkers it’s a must, with prices ranging €1.50 up to €10, heaven.

With extensive experience of playing and organising games and trips to France, your perfect ‘oui’ trip is only a click away.


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