Where It All Started

Rugby Tours To England

What more can we say about England as a destination for a Rugby Tour – it is where Rugby started all those years ago.

Has the most amount of players in the world with over 2 million registered players and in excess of 1800 rugby clubs.

England is the ideal destination for a rugby tour.  With a multitude of ferry terminals, major international airports and train stations – you can access it from all sides. 

It is a hop, skip & a jump from anywhere.  

Not sure what to do or where to go well we have listed some of our favourite destinations in England.

Did you know Pocahontas is buried in Gravesend, Kent?

Where can you find peacocks, alpacas, Shetland ponies and even a zedonk (half donkey, half zebra) frolicking in the countryside?

Enjoy thrill-seeking rides & candy floss highs with a theme park as part of your rugby tour.

England is at your beck and call to tailor your rugby tour as it has everything you can imagine!


England Rugby Tour Testimonials