This is our second year travelling with the company, and we’re looking forward to many more to come.

No matter what option we wanted, no matter what challenge or difficulty we posed, IRT had a solution in place.

We approached Irish Rugby Tours with some vague ideas about travelling to Europe in spring, as a step on from our trip to Wales last year. We were given lots of advice and suggestions and eventually we talked things through with IRT they presented s with two very strong proposals, one for Italy and one for France.

Our challenge was picking one of them! The vote was tight but we think the
Disneyland option on the Paris trip swung it. One of the challenges we faced after coming back was selecting our tour highlight.

The training session in Parc Heller certainly rates very strongly as one of them. Our three French coaches, Franc, Michel and Laurent were so accommodating and such fun that they made the session what it was. They were friendly, but also challenging, explaining some of their club history and philosophy before challenging the students to match their standards. The session was founded on fun and enjoyment, but was then used to progress and develop and to encourage the team into thinking and responding differently on the pitch. It’s no lie to say that the kids learned a lot, and so too did the Irish coaches.

We certainly plan to! At this stage a rugby tour has become a part of our season. The kids wouldn’t be happy without one. Throughout the weekend we had constant contact with George. He was checking to see how things were going, if we were getting on okay, if we needed anything. That kind of service is really reassuring. Even in the lead-up to our trip we felt that IRT was always available to answer any query, no matter how trivial.

We were very satisfied with the service, options and support offered to us by IRT. The grins on the faces of the students tell half the story – the snores on the plane home tell the other half.

We had a blast. Thank You.

Shane Culleton – Paris 2014, St. Mac Daras College Ireland